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We’re excited to share a quarter of a century’s worth of expertise with you through our personalised interior design service. 


Loft conversions, extensions, remodelling… whether you’re looking to refresh one area of your home or undertaking a complete refurb, we can bring your project to life with our extensive technical and design knowledge.

Our Philosophy


We believe the best design decisions are made when our expertise is guided by your vision. We work with you to develop an in-depth understanding of your project and ensure the end design is a perfect fit for you and your family. 


We take an innovative, design-led approach. Instead of being restricted by floor plans, we allow the mood and feel you want to create to determine the layout of your space. 


Our tried and tested approach is adaptable to suit you - once we’ve teased out your ideas, we can consult with you every step of the way or handle the entire process from start to finish on your behalf.


Our Process 


Although your design will be unique, there are some common milestones within each project. Here’s an overview to give you an idea of what’s involved; 


  1. We arrange an initial free consultation to review existing floor plans and discuss your ideas


  1. Once we’ve got a clear idea of your requirements, we’ll follow up with a bespoke quote.


  1. Next, we’ll undertake a more in-depth consultation where we’ll look at mood boards and discuss initial ideas for approval - this is where we really pin down your brief


  1. Once you’ve approved the brief, we produce an initial concept, including updated mood boards, sketches and samples


  1. When you’re happy with the concept, we work-up the floor plans, safe in the knowledge we have a good understanding of your vision and are creating spaces that suit you and your family


  1. Following approval of the floor plans, we’ll design the space 


From loose sketches, with links to products, through to detailed drawings, with product specifications and furniture layouts, we can provide as much detail as you need so you’re ready to put plans into practice.



During the process, we’ll seek to tease out your inner designer to get a good understanding of what you’re trying to achieve. To give you a flavour of what’s involved, here are some of the points we’ll ask you to think about: 




  • Cosy, industrial, contemporary, retro… what do you want your home to feel like? What do you want it to say / what language do you want it to speak? 

  • What design styles do you like?

  • Would you like each area of your home to have a distinct feel or would you like each room to tie together? 

  • Are you looking for any unique features, such as ensuite bathrooms, walk-in wardrobes or innovative storage solutions?




  • What appliances do you need and where should they be located to optimise your space?

  • What are the most useful locations for electrical sockets and switches to suit your lifestyle?

  • Longevity - it’s important the new space works for you now but we’ll also help you think about the future and appeal for potential buyers should you move home


Rest assured, we’ll be on hand to guide you through every step of the process, providing expertise and inspiration when you need it. 


We can also help guide you through the build process to ensure that your design gets implemented on site accordingly.  We can discuss this during the design process.

Why us? 


HoustePROUD: Our goal is to create a space you and your family can be proud of. 


One-to-one service: We assign a dedicated designer to work with you throughout the process from start to finish.


Unique philosophy: We’ll design your project based on an in-depth understanding of the feel and function of the space you want to create.


Scalable: Our extensive experience and specialist partnerships mean no project is too big or too small.


Tailored approach: Whether you want us to guide you through every step of the project or take the lead, we’ll adapt our approach to suit you.


Expertise: With extensive technical knowledge and over 25 years of experience in the design world, we can help you create truly bespoke, functional spaces for you and your family to enjoy for many years to come.  



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