Like many, I’ve spent days and weeks living and working from the confines of my home, and I will admit that recently my hopes and dreams have mainly been about escaping these four walls for pastures new and beyond the local supermarket- mainly the pub!

But with spring in full flow and the prospect of possibly being able to welcome much-loved family and friends into my home once again soon, I feel the sense of a new beginning, and with that, an urge for a home restyle. And if like me you’ve struggled with motivation during lockdown and slightly neglected the DIY in favour of a Netflix binge, here are my top tips for a spring spruce up in your home. And we’re not talking a wholesale revamp - a few small tweaks here and there, whether that’s a new lamp, a signature piece or some snazzy storage, can make all the difference.


With holidays abroad not guaranteed, for those lucky enough to have outdoor space, you’ll want to make sure it’s in tip-top condition. Whether it’s hanging out with friends, family barbecues or a drink with the neighbours, it’s all about making the most of your outside space no matter how small. On-trend this season are outdoor unique rugs, which can bring that Mediterranean vibe right to your backyard. Or if you’re really big on entertainment and want to impress your friends, you could invest in an outdoor bar/trolley, no more stressing about finding a table at the pub! For smaller spaces try a large outdoor mirror and folding table that can be easily stored. For those seeking luxury in their lives, why not invest in a hanging day bed which can be brought inside for the winter months too. To get through the colder evenings, I opted for cosy throws and some fairy lights to provide that actual and aesthetic warmth in the garden.



I’ve become messy during lockdown. There’s no doubt about it. With the prospect of no visitors and no one to see the mess my motivation to be tidy is low! So here we go for the big tidy up! Firstly investing in a stylish Danish sideboard can both transform a room and provide useful space to cram all those bits and bobs that no one knows where to put. Secondly, a storage bed is an absolute must for anyone short on space, or just anyone!! There are plenty to choose from, with drawers of all shapes and sizes, but my personal favourite is the ottoman. Finally a footstool with storage inside, perfect for keeping all the cosy blankets safe.



Some of us love it, some of us hate it, but what we probably can all agree on is that it’s here to stay. So let’s make the most of it. Firstly, if you haven’t already, then investing in a sensible chair is key - no more perching on an uncomfortable stool, please! Secondly, you’re going to want a desk that is both functional and stylish. For those with small spaces or working from living rooms, opt for one that folds away or with drawers so it’s easy to tidy away your laptop and transform it into a sideboard or bookcase. If you have space, I can’t recommend a sit-stand desk enough. Easy to install, these desks sit on top of your existing desk so you can switch throughout the day. I love mine. Finally, you’ll want a desk light or lamp. I recommend opting for one of the amazing options from the Gingko range which are really well made, look fantastic and are a talking point in their own right.




For many lockdown has placed a strain on finances but you don’t have to break the bank, as a few small changes can do the trick. Firstly think about injecting a bit of colour into your room, perhaps a new cushion or two or a stand out rug. Secondly consider up-cycling - if your garden furniture has seen better days, before rushing to the skip, maybe try giving it a new lease of life with a splash of paint. Finally, some well-chosen lighting can really transform a room and create just the vibe you are looking for, whether that’s fairy lights or a fabulous signature piece.


  • Natural tones and materials are still on trend

  • Say goodbye to Shabby Chic and hello to the Boho Chic.

  • Mix those natural tones with sprinkles of Boho colour. Add some greenery to tie it all in.

  • We recommend mixing timeless Nordic furniture with your Boho vibe for good effect.

  • It can be exhausting keeping up with trends but a simple colourful rug update can do the trick just nicely.

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