Updated: May 25, 2022


We love Scandi style furniture for its uncluttered purity, clean lines, warmth, functionality, attention to detail within the workmanship, and soft pastel colours. Nordic Furniture has proven its longevity over the years which makes it a sound investment into your Nordic living room or dining room.

Expect to see; pale woods, natural materials, blush pink, burnt orange, mustard yellow, pale blue and greys alongside oak, pine, teak and mahogany.


Boho-chic (Bohemian) is the new more refined and less frilly version of Shabby Chic. Expect to see an alive and crazy kaleidoscope of deep warm earthy colours, materials, patterns, layers and use of metals to create a highly unique style for your Boho home. Its origins lie back in the bohemian culture of the 60’s and 70’s so do not expect the norm.


If you are a “less is more” person, then Boho may not be suitable for your faint heart so please check out our Maximise Minimal section below.


This style originated in cities when people started to inhabit old industrial commercial buildings, such as factories and warehouses with high ceilings, large windows and brick faced walls. These are usually larger than normal open plan apartments where the furniture is viewable from most areas. Minimal style furniture is generally used to show off the space with the use of large comfortable seating to fill and soften the room. This is a very cool and sophisticated style that can be recreated in most homes with the right decor.


In a similar nature to Loft / Urban style, Industrial furniture roots are from an interior design movement based on the aesthetic of old converted factories and warehouses. Expect to see a lot of black metal, wood and mechanical parts including pulleys and chains. Softer variations of industrial look furniture are appearing all the time and making it an accessible style for more homes. .


Metro Retro is our take on a modern urbanist version of Retro furniture.

Retro encompasses nostalgic styles that were all the rage in the decades going back as far as the 50’s to as current as the 80’s. Reminders could be in the form of attitudes, lifestyles and creative art forms at the time such as music, fashion and the art world. Retro patterns and colours could be geometric and flat respectively. Our Metro Retro range takes homage to the old while embracing the new.


Minimalist furniture has bold clean lines with flat un-patterned smooth surfaces. The emphasis is definitely “less is more” and what is there will make an impact on its own and in a curated synchrony with other items within the room for maximum effect.

The style is timeless and can be brought into any home with careful consideration to allow for the simplicity and lack of obstruction that minimalist design requires.


Rustic furniture makes use of natural materials and organic forms that can sometimes be less refined and a little rough around the edges. Rustic also reaches across a variety of styles, so an industrial or retro item of furniture could also be considered as rustic.


Lock us up and throw away the key as this is where we go wild and embrace all that is different in the form of unique chic furniture and quirky homeware.

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